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I've collaborated with several artists in the US music industry, among them: Kid Ink, Miguel, Rosa linn.
Hi, my name is FARGO
I'm the founder of the children's hitmaking school in Glendale, CA.
Over the past 10 years I went from a young self-made artist to a multi-platinum international sound producer with a total streaming count of over 5,000,000,000.
181 countries
5,000,000,000 streams
2,500,000 listeners
285,500 hours
Modern programs in four categories
It's one of the most beautiful instruments in the world of music. And If your child dreams of learning how to play it, then our music school is the perfect choice for you! We have all the necessary resources for your child to fully develop their talent and have an unforgettable experience. Instead of 7 years of studying at other schools, we will teach your child in 1 year.
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Regardless of what instrument your child may choose - guitar, piano - we have everything your child needs to become a successful musician at our hitmaking music school! We guarantee an individual approach for each student, a welcoming atmosphere and professional skills that will lead your child into the world of the real music.
Beatmaking lessons are a fun and creative process that allows your child to make music from scratch. It takes a lot of hard work and a combination of talent to learn this skill. Throughout this program, your child will be introduced to the world of sounds, rhythms and learn the basic guidelines of composition and arrangement, along with the ability to work with various musical instruments and programs. We will try to create unique melodies, choose and tune sounds, make beats and samples, as well as mix and master tracks together with your child.
The voice is one of the most powerful tools a person has. It can express emotions, thoughts, feelings and create atmosphere. However, not everyone is born with a beautiful and confident voice. For those children who want to learn to control their voice and speak with confidence, there is professional vocal training at our school. In these classes, your child will learn how to breathe properly, control their voice, and use various techniques to achieve the desired sound. In addition to all that, experienced teachers will help choose a suitable repertoire and explain how to work with the lyrics, so that your child can sing favorite songs expressively and emotionally.
Production by FARGO
Classes from age 7
Founded in 2020
Over 40+ graduates
More than 10,000+ private lessons
More than 10+ professional teachers
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